A better meeting than last time…

So I took my gauges out during the meeting today and the lady across from me looked at me in absolute horror. she wouldn’t stop staring at my ears. She actually started to look sick! So the new job is going fabulously and I can’t complain. A LOT more responsibilities and I am running to keep up but it feels good to be challenged. I am for the first time interested in my job and eager to learn more. Also my girlfriend found my blog so shout out to Kaitie for being an absolute babe, Love You!!



So my job just got a lot more complicated. I now have to make sure none of the photos have time stamps, put videos if we have them, and still update title description, meta description, keywords, predictive keywords, short descriptions, main descriptions, and make sure each page is unique and different from each one but still follow the main line. There are over 300 products in used machinery, I need to have it done by the end of the month. Well, I’m working late for the next month.

Update – This meeting makes me want a smoke, I will probably go do that after this meeting. Also, this guy is getting loud because he is getting torn apart on his work. I got praise for my work though so I’m alright with that.

Big Day

So today was a big day, first sell at the company. It literally couldn’t have been a more simple machine than that little band saw but its my first one! I don’t make any commision on it because I’m still within my first six months but it would have been $80. For an hour of my time and a few emails. I can’t wait to make commision, holy crap it will be awesome. It’s gonna become one serious revenue of money, it’s gonna be my play money for sure. But once again I only blog in my conference meetings so I should probably get back to that.


So esentially work is really picking up, moved into a more permanent office but I’m still sharing but its whatever. Two hour meetings during lunch means free food so score on that. Trying to get my ipad working again is a freaking joke, my email doesnt want to work with me anymore and its starting to irritate me. Trying to do some work on my ipad is a joke now because of it. Better get back to this meeting though because people are glancing at me wondering what I’m typing.

I’m sorry….What?!

So I go out in to the warehouse today to help with the machines and learn some stuff and I’m helping one of the warehouse guys and he says that his boss, the service center manager, that he told all of the service guys to tell me when I come out to send me back to my office because it is not there responsibility to babysit me and teach me. First of all I didn’t realize I needed a babysitter, I’m fucking 21, I’m a fucking adult that can take care of himself thank you very much. Also, the last time I checked,  the reason I was put into the Service office is because I need to learn the machines that I will be selling, so I’m not saying that it is there responsibility to train me but if I’m sitting there listening and trying to fix stuff with them, I’m learning. Whatever, I’ll just stay in my office and not help at all, screw that guy. Asshole.


So there is only 7 minutes left in this meeting and I am determined to post a decent daily post in it. Started a new job and I am actually enoying it. It’s a lot to learn but I am keeping up and not falling to far behind. This whole meeting is about our new fiber laser program and it has absolutely nothing to do with me but here I am, I should probably pay attention but I’m in the back of the conference room so I think I’m doing alright, I’m finally upgrading to the iPhone 6 in a couple days and it’s about fucking time to be honest. Well my time is up and we are dismissing everyone so see ya, don’t miss me too much!!

It all starts tomorrow.

So the new job starts tomorrow. I’m so stoked that its finally starting and I am way too excited to freaking sleep which is bad news for me but I’ll try my best to get some sleep. It’s too late to take my medicine though so I probably won’t get any sleep tonight…. Oh well haha I’ll deal with it as it comes. Should be a lot of paperwork and just getting me into the system but other than that it should be an easy day. Well time to try to get some sleep but I will definitely be updating this tomorrow. Gonna start doing my journal on here. Nothing personal haha just day to day stuff. Not letting the internet into my personal life just yet. Goodnight!!